Exterior Pipe Replacement

Do you need a blue Poly Replacement? When you look out in the front yard and discover that you have a burst exterior pipe problem, you need to call Greenlee Plumbing for their experience in water line replacement. A water pipe leak can cause damage by washing out dirt from under your driveway or from under your house if you have a water line leak. An underground pipe that is leaking can waste a lot of water and cause your water bill to rise substantially.

Please keep in mind that our average cost for an exterior yard line replacement is $650-$950 for plastic. Copper will be an additional per foot charge. Some factors that affect price are: distance, slope, presence of irrigation, landscaping, and the number of driveways and sidewalk we have to go under. If you have an average house, not over 80 feet, and you are paying over a 1000.00 for a plastic yard line, or 1500 for copper you are paying to much. Give us a call, we will get it done for the price quoted over the phone.

Polybutylene, a form of plastic resin, was used extensively in the manufacture of water supply piping from 1978 until 1995. Because of the low material cost and ease of installation, these poly pipe systems were used as a substitute for traditional copper piping. However, this type of pipe is prone to leaks. When your yard water line starts leaking because you have a blue poly or polybutylene line or any other kind of line, we can replace it for you quickly as we are the polybutylene pipe replacement specialists in Atlanta. Polybutylene or Poly Pipe, as it is known, is a defective pipe that has been recalled by a class action polybutylene lawsuit against the blue poly pipe. However, it is past the deadline for exterior piping reimbursement and you cannot receive any money from this. This polybutylene pipe was used in water service lines and has caused many water leaks in yards.

These underground polybutylene water leaks have resulted in many plumbing service calls and plumbing repairs in the Atlanta metro area. Greenlee Plumbing can handle your plumbing problem by replacing the water pipe in your yard from the meter to the house. We can replace lines regardless if the water leak is caused by bad galvanized, copper, polybutylene (poly) pipe, or any other type of pipe that is causing a problem.

The first step is to contact the Georgia Utility Protection Center (http://www.gaupc.com/). They can also be reached by dialing 811. They will arrange for all your utilities (gas, cable, electric) to be marked with spray paint or flags. This is a no cost service. If you have an active poly leak with water escaping, or an out- of-service blue poly yard line, ask for an emergency locate and they will typically respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, give the center four days to mark your property. Law requires this before we start work and will help us avoid damaging your utilities.
For yard line replacement we have equipment that can bore a two-inch hole under your driveway and sidewalks and flower beds. When we replace blue poly or polybutylene yard service lines, we are careful to do as little disturbance to your yard as is possible. It is a rare situation when the concrete needs to be cut to install a new water line to replace polybutylene pipe.

We now offer trenchless pipe replacement. We can pull the new pipe through the old pipe preventing damage to your lawn and landspaping. There are limitaions to this method and it cannot be used in every case.

Where is the water leak?

If it is not readily visible, we do not know. It is disappearing into the ground.

Are you going to dig out the old pipe?

No, we abandon the pipe in the ground.

How long will I be without water?

About 3 hours.

How do you put the pipe into the ground?

We trench a 4 inch wide trench in the ground and then cover the pipe and rake the dirt as neat as is possible.

Does Greenlee Plumbing replace the grass with sod?

No, most grass will grow back within a few months or can be resodded by a landscape company.

Will Greenlee Plumbing have to cut our drive way in order to get the water line to the house?

No, we bore under the drive way with no damage to the concrete.

Will Greenlee Plumbing have to dig through our flower beds?

Sometimes we have to do that but we try to bore underneath the flower beds to cause no disruption.

Will Greenlee Plumbing be responsible for the operation of our sprinkler system?

If we cut the white pvc pipe, we will repair the white pvc. If the sprinkler heads or control wiring is cut, we ask that your sprinkler man repair the system. We assume no responsibility for the operation of the sprinkler sysem. We try to avoid damage to the sprinkler system.

Does Greenlee Plumbing try to avoid damage to other systems?

Yes, we call in to get the utility lines located so that we can try to avoid damaging them. We also try to avoid any damage to the sprinkler system.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and Master Card and Visa.

We Specialize in Residential and Multi-Unit Polybutylene Plumbing Replacement in the Metro Atlanta Area.

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